Computer Repair and Technical Support

                         The mission of is to provide a unique range of high-quality computer services
and technical support
, especially to those customers with special needs or unusual circumstances,
and to assist those who might not otherwise be able to afford or receive computer services.

We specialize in:
* Immediate low-cost technical support.
* Personal, private service - home, office, or other.
And we offer:
* Free referrals.
* Same day response. offers help with any operating system and any problem a PC user may encounter, even if you are not on-line. There is no charge if the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, and estimates are also free of charge.

Cost for services runs at 60 dollars per hour (US) - half hour minimum.
50% discount for senior citizens (62 and over), and the disabled.
Sliding scale applies to all special needs cases.

Serving the greater Portland, Me. and New Hampshire Seacoast areas.
                          ~ Hours By Appointment ~
                                (207) 420-0842
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